Empty Spaces

New In

My latest film “Empty Spaces” came from my 3-week long residency at Palm Heights in Grand Cayman.

I was inspired by the empty buildings at the Hyatt where I had been rehearsing and making work as part of my artist residency.

I was intrigued by the big, empty spaces and how they invited me to take pause, discover my hidden truths, and how they gave me the time (and space) to process past choices.

In “Empty Spaces”, I hope to transform our perception of the seemingly void and lifeless spaces in our lives, physical and metaphorical, into something that can symbolize new beginnings.


Directed, choreographed and performed by me

Produced in partnership with Palm Heights

Cinematography  by Zeal Cayman

Editing by me

Color grade by Sofie Borup

Art direction by Rebecca Zhou

Font Consultant Jas Rewkiewicz

Music by Philip Glass, interpreted by Gerard Cousins