Last year I was lucky enough to take part of choreographer Katya Bourvis’ residency at Sadler’s Wells. “Myrrha” was created from the material made during the week.

“Loosely inspired by Ovid’s ‘Metamorphoses’, ‘Myrrha’ is a vivid fever dream exploring classical themes of fluidity and re-creation from a strikingly contemporary perspective. Invited into the liminal space of Studio Wayne McGregor, the viewer observes a strange cabal of characters as they grapple with the boundaries of identity and gender – and over the course of the film’s three parts, we’re taken on a surreal odyssey of transformation, presided over by the immersive beauty of Ruaraid Achilleos’ camerawork. Supported by a Sadler’s Wells artist grant and featuring the genderless designs of Max Zara Sterck, ‘Myrrha’ is hypnotic and eerily arresting — and marks a powerful solo directorial debut for choreographer Katya Bourvis.”

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